Environment services

General information about garbage collection

Each year’s garbage collection calendar can always be found on Borgarbyggð’s website, where it is also possible to submit an application for additional garbage containers and request disposal of animal remains.

The municipality’s waste recycling centre is at Sólbakki 12 in Borgarnes, and all waste can be turned in there.


Waste Segregation

Borgarbyggð has now a four-bin garbage collection system; bin for plastic, bin for paper and cardboard, bin for food scraps and bin for mixed waste. The municipality is obliged to collect these four categories of waste separately, therefore every house in an urban area must have access to these four different types of bins.

All bins must be  marked according to the new co-nordic garbage classification system

What can be placed into the Plastics Bin: All packaging made of hard or soft plastic, for example plastic bags, cleaning product bottles, skyr containers and plastic film.

What can be placed into the Paper and Cardboard Bin: Newspapers, magazines, envelopes, office paper and other printing paper, corrugated cardboard, cartons  and other packaging made of smooth cardboard, e.g. cereal boxes and egg trays.

What can be placed into the Food Waste Bin: Food scraps, plants, etc. organic house waste. It is necessary to place organic waste in a composting bag prior to placing it into the bin. Items such as fruit, vegetables, bread, rice and other cereals, coffee pods and coffee filters, cheese, fish, egg shells, wooden toothpicks as well as napkins may also be placed into this bin.

What can be placed into Mixed Waste Bin: Dirty packaging and other non-recyclables such as for example diapers or chewing gum.

Other categories of household waste may be turned in over to the nearby recycling  centres or other waste management areas.


Recycling and Waste Management Centers

Recycling centres will be set up for the collection of waste materials, such as glass and textiles. Other types of household waste must be turned into the waste management centres.

Metals: Small and clean metal objects such as cans, jar lids or tea light cups.

Glass: Clean glass containers and bottles. Bottle caps and jar lids may not be placed together with glass, but must be removed and placed into bins destined for plastics or metals.

Textiles: All textiles such as clothing, bed linen and fabric scraps.


Pet keeping

In Borgarbyggð, dogs and cats are permitted to be kept in urban areas, however permits for such must be applied for. It is possible to do so through the  municipality’s service portal at www.borgarbyggd.is.

All pets, both in urban and rural areas, are required to be individually tagged and registered in a central database approved by the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority.

There is a dog park in Borgarnes and it is located between Klettaborg preschool and the town’s camping area. There, dog owners can play with their dogs and let them off their leashes.

Pet control is in the hands of the municipality’s utility house, and new residents are encouraged to follow Borgarbyggð’s utility house Facebook page. All announcements about lost and found pets appear on that platform.

The emergency telephone number for a veterinarian from the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority is 878-0800.

More information about laws and regulations related to animal keep can be found on Borgarbyggð’s website.